Recruiters know all too well that finding the right talent for the right job is far from easy. In order to find and secure top talent, recruiters must act quickly before qualified candidates find work elsewhere. There are a few things recruiters can do to help simplify and expedite the commonly tenuous process.

1. Create Enticing but Accurate Job Listings

This is your opportunity to really draw the interest of quality candidates to your posting and move them one step closer towards becoming the valuable asset you seek. Candidates are looking for accurate job listings that are easy to read, so give it to them! Your posting should include what the day-to-day responsibilities are like and what it would take to be successful in the role, both in skillset and personality. Be sure to list the qualifications and requirements clearly. Never embellish what the duties will be. Instead, include a description of your company’s accomplishments along with the benefits the position can provide to help catch the right candidate’s eye.

2. Simplify Application & Interview Process

Unless absolutely necessary, try to avoid forcing candidates to fill out multiple pages of information before even submitting a resume. Top, qualified candidates may have other employment options to consider and can be put off by complicated or cumbersome application processes. Don’t lose quality candidates before even getting started!

Interviewing requires a lot of time and effort from both parties, so make it count. Be sure to have your interview sessions properly organized and conducted by experienced staff members who show up prepared. If there are multiple interviewers involved, encourage communication between everyone to discuss the objectives and outcomes of each interview. This will help eliminate repetitive actions that can cause a candidate to become disengaged.

3. Build Relationships

Give candidates meaningful and timely feedback even if they are not being chosen for the position. Candidates who are being seriously considered will appreciate the personalized feedback and this can help keep them interested if the process is a longer one. On the other hand, one candidate may not have fit the current opening, but could be great for an opportunity in the future. Make sure to keep in touch with key prospects, as they could prove to be valuable in the future.

Let’s face it, hiring isn’t easy, but taking some key steps towards improving the recruitment process can go a long way!


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