As the New Year approaches, it is the perfect time to think about your job search process and the steps you can take to improve your job search techniques in the coming year. A new year means new opportunities and this can be a very exciting time for job seekers and employers. So what can you do to increase your chances of landing your dream job in the upcoming year?

Refresh Your Resume

It may be time to update your resume if you haven’t done so since last year. Make sure to add all of your accomplishments and really make your resume stand out with bullet points about how you overcome challenges and what skills you used in the process. Go through your resume and redo bullet points that begin with things like “Responsible for” or “Experience in” as they are generic and don’t tell much about how you may have managed or led an initiative. If these phrases didn’t work last year, don’t expect them to work next year!

Update Your Social Media

It may have been awhile since you took a look at your social media profile information. Update your profiles with your latest jobs and include a description about what you are passionate about. You should place the greatest focus on your LinkedIn profile, as this is where many recruiters hang out and search for new candidates. Make it your goal to complete every section of your LinkedIn profile this year and include keywords in your previous job descriptions that would help a recruiter come across your profile when searching through the platform. You can even add work samples and request professional references to strengthen your profile and draw more attention.

Touch Base with Contacts

This is a good time to keep in touch with professional references and contacts you may not have communicated with much throughout the year. Simply wishing these contacts a Happy New Year can go a long way and help build upon the relationship you have with them. After all, you will be counting on these people to give you good references when called upon.

Learn a New Skill

Everyone else is making New Year’s Resolutions, so here is one for you! Take advantage of the vast resources that can be found online to learn a new skill that can help build your resume and help you succeed in your career. There are many online courses and certifications available that can help you stand out amongst the pile of other candidates and can also be used as negotiating tools later in the job-hunting process. It’s never too late to learn a new skill!

We wish you a happy New Year and hope the upcoming year brings you everything you wish for and more. A new year brings exciting opportunities and we are thrilled to see what’s in store for 2017!


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